Brother-Sister Friendships – 弟兄姊妹般的友誼 – Дружба между братом – сестрой

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(Non-romantic沒有浪漫的 Неромантическая) Basis 根基 I Tim 5:1-2 …and the younger women as sisters in all purity (Honorable, respectful) Overemphasis on dating and coupleness 提摩太前書5:1-2 「不可嚴責老年人、只要勸他如同父親.勸少年人如同弟兄.勸 老年婦女如同母親.勸少年婦女如同姐妹.總要清清潔潔的。」(誠實的、尊敬 的) 過份強調在約會和夫婦。 Benefits 好處 Wholesome, non-threatening, interaction with the opposite sex 健康的、沒有威脅的、與異性的互動。 Development of social skills 發展社交技巧 Group settings …

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Friendship – 友誼

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The Bible and Friendship 聖經中的友誼 Gen 2:18…not good for the man to be alone. A need for intimacy and companionship 創世紀2:18…. 耶和華 神說、那人獨居不好、我要為他造一個配偶幫助他。 Examples(範例) David & Jonathan(大衛、約拿單) I Sam 18:1-3; 20:16-17 ( he loved him as his own life), “The soul of Jonathan was knit …

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