Building Strong Families – 建造強壯的家庭

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“Secrets of Strong Families”, Dr. Nick Stinnet, Boston: Little, Brown & Co., 1985. Based on 14,000 families- marriage happiness & satisfaction in parent-child relationships. 25 Years of research, 27 countries, pp. 35-36 Swindoll (1st Article-1985) 「家庭強健的秘訣」Dr. Nick Stinnet, Boston: Little, Brown & Co.,1985.根據14,000家庭-婚姻 快樂度&滿意度-與孩子的關係。25年的研究,27各國家。(第一版文章於1985) I. …

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Family Inspiration Day

Experiencing Values Together We want to encourage families in their daily challenges, help them to get to find their uniqueness as a family and to learn and grow together on challenges. The Family Inspiration Day is a day of action for families with children from three to twelve …

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