Leaving a Legacy that Lasts – 㚨⼴䔁ᶳ䘬怢䓊

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What comes to mind when you think of “heritage” or “legacy?” Definition: Heritage: Something that is or can be inherited. Tradition, culture, rights, that are transmitted from generation to generation. Norwegian, Christian, Mennonite (characteristics, mannerisms, customs) Ps 16:6 …surely I have a delightful inheritance Inheritance-Legacy: …

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Friendship – 友誼

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The Bible and Friendship 聖經中的友誼 Gen 2:18…not good for the man to be alone. A need for intimacy and companionship 創世紀2:18…. 耶和華 神說、那人獨居不好、我要為他造一個配偶幫助他。 Examples(範例) David & Jonathan(大衛、約拿單) I Sam 18:1-3; 20:16-17 ( he loved him as his own life), “The soul of Jonathan was knit …

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Four Models of Leadership In The Home – 四個家庭領導模式

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Traditional Model傳統模式 The above diagram portrays how many people view the traditional understanding of the husband being the head of his home and the wife being in submission to him. In this model, the husband is viewed as over his wife and as having a …

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Understanding Family Systems – 瞭解家庭的系統

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Introduction(序言) The unseen 3rd part of marriage. The other people present in counseling. (在第三個未看見的部分婚姻當中,其他人的呈現在諮商當中。) Families, churches, schools have a personality, unique characteristics. Every time you join a team, school, or church you are making a cross-cultural adjustment! Your personal identity also adjusts. Additions/subtractions cause change …

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Understanding Your Family Heritage – 了解你的家庭遺傳

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Introduction 序 Your family heritage has a profound impact upon your personal life and upon your understanding of healthy family life. Your family of origin often sets the standard by which you determine what is normal and familiar. Families are the definers of culture. Every …

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Building Strong Families – 建造強壯的家庭

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“Secrets of Strong Families”, Dr. Nick Stinnet, Boston: Little, Brown & Co., 1985. Based on 14,000 families- marriage happiness & satisfaction in parent-child relationships. 25 Years of research, 27 countries, pp. 35-36 Swindoll (1st Article-1985) 「家庭強健的秘訣」Dr. Nick Stinnet, Boston: Little, Brown & Co.,1985.根據14,000家庭-婚姻 快樂度&滿意度-與孩子的關係。25年的研究,27各國家。(第一版文章於1985) I. …

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