Foundation for Family Studies

This U of N course (FAM 251/252) introduces students to the biblical foundational concepts of family life; presents a model for the study and understanding of the dynamics of family life; and introduces basic tools for helping to relate to families. The lecture phase uses a template in which the curriculum is broken down into nine major categories, with a minimum of one week devoted to each of these categories. The nine categories are to be viewed as the central core, around which the FFS template is to be built. The nine categories are:

  1. biblical worldview of family,
  2. a biblical family model,
  3. Family of Origin model,
  4. marriage relationships,
  5. parenting,
  6. basic 1-2 hour seminar skills,
  7. family life,
  8. skills for helping families,
  9. families in ministry.

Students can anticipate a challenge to grow and develop Christian character traits. Students will increase their competence in ministering to families.

The lecture phase is followed by a three month Field Assignment (FAM 252). This field assignment is a vital part of the training, allowing students to assimilate and apply the knowledge and skills learned in the lecture phase more effectively as a family in a team context, and by providing opportunities to work in family-based ministries.

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