What is the UofN Foundations in Family Studies School?

This new University of the Nations course is the foundational introductory course for a new University of the Nations (UofN) Associates of Arts & Bachelor of Arts in Family Studies degree offered through the College of Education. I would encourage everyone serving in YWAM/UofN to consider taking this course. It gives the foundations for family life by providing four models that you can apply in your ministry to minister to/disciple families or individuals.

What are the 4 models?

  1. The Trinity as a model for the Family and living as a biblical family (Worldview)
  2. Family Systems Theory (Family of Origin) to understand the dynamics of the family life’s interpersonal relationships.
  3. Genogram – a way to visually portray a three-family generational relationship (family tree). Combining the Genogram with the Family Systems Theory, you will receive an understanding of intergenerational dynamics in the family.
  4. Coaching/Mentoring – to equip the student with skills to help disciple families.

The first three models listed above can be seen and demonstrated directly from the Bible in Genesis through the lives of Adam & Eve, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob’s families.
Other topics included in the 12-week course are: Biblical family life, marriage and parenting; Skills for running a 12-hour seminar on family life topics and Families in Ministry.


• Equip you with the means to disciple families through the knowledge and skills obtained. The course material is directly applicable to your ministry opportunities, and provides you with ready to use materials, models and skills that can be put into action.
• Provide a theoretical framework and worldview of family that will enable you to serve others with confidence.
• Equipping you with a foundation to become family helpers, mentor couples, FFS staff, small group leaders for couples and families in the church context. You will receive a knowledge and skill based foundation of family life consistent with a biblical perspective to build on your current experience.

Maria & I just returned from teaching in the second University of the Nations “Foundations for Family Studies” (FAM 251/252) school at YWAM Worcester, South Africa. Four student couples from Europe, South America & South Africa received three of the four models from the course curriculum during those two weeks.

The next “Foundations for Family Studies” course will run at YWAM/UofN Kona, Hawaii starting 5 April 2018 offering both a lecture & field assignment phase.

More info

For further information: ffs.kona@gmail.com
A copy of the UofN Catalogue can be downloaded from www.uofn.edu on the first page of the website.
(The FFS is on page 138 & 203)
For information on all courses in the Family Resource Centre, see www.fam-studies.info


Merle L Jacobs
International Committee Member
Family Resource Centre – Course & Seminar Administrator
University of the Nations