Dates Event Description
28th Jan 2018 -
20th Apr 2018
Family Ministries School, New Zealand (2018)
YWAM Matamata, Crystal Springs
Learn all about Family with the very best of teaching on Parenting, Marriage, Family Issues, Basic Counselling, Children and Teen Ministry, Forces against the Family, Generational Issues, Seminar training, Worldview of Family and so...
5th Feb 2018 -
27th Apr 2018
Family Ministries School, Brazil (2018)
JOCUM CURITIBA Base Monte das Águias, Almirante Tamandaré Paraná
This course introduces students to the biblical foundations of marriage and family life. The three-month lecture phase targets five major themes related to effective ministry to families: the biblical model of family, God’s design...
4th Mar 2018 -
1st Jun 2018
Family Ministries School, Norway (2018)
Ungdom i Oppdrag, Grimerud, Ottestad
The Family Ministry School (FMS) is a three month school focused on providing a deeper understanding of the Biblical foundations of marriage and family. You will receive high quality teaching from international speakers and...
5th Mar 2018 -
20th Jul 2018
Family Ministries School, Kenya (2018)
YWAM Athi River Kenya, Athi River Machakos
The Family Ministry School (FMS) has a focus on training people in building families on Godly principles and family restoration. The FMS is a five months course, involving twelve weeks of lecture and study...
21st Mar 2018 -
24th Mar 2018
European Family Ministries Forum, Poland + Strategic Meeting
Zaczek student hotel, Kraków
2018, March 21-24, European Family Ministries Forum As usual we will start with dinner (March 21st) and end with breakfast (24th). 2018, March 20-21, Meeting FM strategic meeting Previous to the forum we would...
1st Apr 2018 -
14th Sep 2018
Families Alive School, Australia (2018)
YWAM Perth, Perth
Be equipped with biblical principles for families combined with practical skills to engage and disciple them in the community Date Start date: 1 April, 2018 End date: 14 September, 2018. Costs Lecture: 3,960 AUD...
4th Apr 2018 -
17th Aug 2018
Family DTS, Hawaii (2018)
YWAM Kona, Hawaii, Kailua-Kona Hawaii
DTS is a full-time, residential course, consisting of 11-12 weeks of classroom training, an 8-12 week outreach, and 1-2 weeks of debrief. It’s an exciting season of discovery, as students receive fresh revelation of...
5th Apr 2018 -
21st Sep 2018
Foundations in Family Studies, Hawaii (2018)
YWAM Kona, Hawaii, Kailua-Kona Hawaii
The Family Resource Centre in partnership with the College of Education is offering a new Associate of Arts in Family Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in Family Studies. These two new degrees will...
9th Apr 2018 -
18th Aug 2018
Generations DTS, The Netherlands (2018)
YWAM Heidebeek, Heerde
A DTS is a journey. It is being awakened to the reality of an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. It is hearing His voice to follow Him in this world. DTS is an adventure...
7th Jun 2018 -
10th Jun 2018
Asian Family Ministries Forum, Thailand (2018)
YWAM Khon kaen, Thailand, Khon kaen
These are the dates for 2018 More details to follow.
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