Dates Event Description
13th Jun 2021 -
16th Jun 2021
Global Strategy Conference 2021
The Global Strategy Conference for YWAM Family Ministries: We pray together, encourage one another, share what's happening in the world, and strategize for the future of Family Ministries. This event will be online. Once...
27th Jun 2021 -
13th Nov 2021
Family DTS, Tyler USA (2021)
YWAM Tyler, Lyndale Texas
Our Family DTS at YWAM Tyler is a unique expression of our traditional DTS and Crossroads DTS with an emphasis on discipleship for the entire family.  During your DTS, parents will experience the heart...
6th Jul 2021 -
30th Jun 2022
Advanced Family Studies, Online
Are you ministering to families on a daily basis? Have you done an FMS or FFS and want to deepen your knowledge & skills to work effectively with Families, yet you can't leave your...
9th Jul 2021 -
26th Nov 2021
Family Ministries School, Uganda (2021)
YWAM Hope Land, Jinja
The Family Ministry School (FMS) is a secondary-level course in the University of the Nations that has a primary focus on prevention and training people in building families on Godly principles and family restoration....
26th Jul 2021 -
17th Dec 2021
Family/Solos/Singles DTS, New Zealand (2021 Q3)
YWAM Matamata, Crystal Springs
The Discipleship Training School (DTS) is the entry level school into YWAM. It is an intensive course of 5 to 6 months that has been offered by YWAM for over 40 years now, in...
26th Jul 2021 -
17th Dec 2021
Foundations for Family Studies, New Zealand (July 2021)
YWAM Matamata, Crystal Springs
Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins, and will raise up the age-old foundations; you will be called Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings.    Isaiah 58:12 The Foundations for Family...
12th Sep 2021 -
29th Jan 2022
Family DTS, Chico USA (2021)
YWAM Chico, Chico California
Family DTS Mission Our goal is to strengthen marriages in the Body of Christ so that their marriages and families will bring glory to God in all that they do and so that future generations...
27th Sep 2021 -
4th Mar 2022
Family Ministries School, Aruba (2021)
YWAM Aruba, Savaneta
The Family Ministry School (FMS) or Foundation for Family Studies (FFS) is a 5-month training course, focused on providing a deeper understanding of the Biblical foundations of marriage and family. The FMS/FFS is split...
5th Oct 2021 -
25th Feb 2022
Family Ministry School 가정상담사역학교, Korea (2021)
YWAM Jeju, South Korea, Jocheon-eup
This course is to train leaders for ministry in the areas of marriage and family restoration and enrichment from a biblical perspective, in view of the completion of the Great Commission to "make disciples...
5th Jan 2022 -
25th Mar 2022
Family Ministry School, Norway (2022)
Ungdom i Oppdrag, Grimerud, Ottestad
The Family Ministry School (FMS) is a three month school focused on providing a deeper understanding of the Biblical foundations of marriage and family life. You will receive high quality teaching from international speakers...
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