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5th Oct 2021 -
25th Feb 2022
Family Ministry School 가정상담사역학교, Korea (2021)
YWAM Jeju, South Korea, Jocheon-eup
This course is to train leaders for ministry in the areas of marriage and family restoration and enrichment from a biblical perspective, in view of the completion of the Great Commission to "make disciples...
1st Dec 2021 -
9th Dec 2021
FAM Seminar
YWAM Heidebeek, Heerde
Let's get together to discuss and learn face to face! This seminar is for everyone interested in these topics or those working with families, whether this is in missions or elsewhere. We will get...
5th Jan 2022 -
25th Mar 2022
Family Ministry School, Norway (2022)
Ungdom i Oppdrag, Grimerud, Ottestad
The Family Ministry School (FMS) is a three month school focused on providing a deeper understanding of the Biblical foundations of marriage and family life. You will receive high quality teaching from international speakers...
7th Jan 2022 -
31st Mar 2022
North Star: Applied Perspectives of Biblical Sexuality
YWAM Kona, Hawaii, Kailua-Kona Hawaii
LOVE! Our culture is obsessed with love. We hear about it in music, see it in movies, read about it in dating books, debate over it in politics. But what is love and what...
31st Jan 2022 -
25th Jun 2022
Family/Solos/Singles DTS, New Zealand (2022)
YWAM Matamata, Crystal Springs
The Discipleship Training School (DTS) is the entry level school into YWAM. It is an intensive course of 5 to 6 months that has been offered by YWAM for over 40 years now, in...
31st Jan 2022 -
24th Jun 2022
Foundations for Family Studies, New Zealand (2022)
YWAM Matamata, Crystal Springs
Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins, and will raise up the age-old foundations; you will be called Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings.    Isaiah 58:12 The Foundations for Family...
4th Feb 2022 -
6th May 2022
Family Ministries School, Fortaleza Brazil (2022)
YWAM Fortaleza, Brazil, Fortaleza
The 2021 school is postponed - new dates to be announced This course introduces students to the biblical foundations of marriage and family life. The three-month lecture phase targets five major themes related to...
7th Feb 2022 -
30th Jun 2022
Family Ministries School, Tanzania (2022)
YWAM Arusha, Arusha
The Family Ministries School is a second level course that trains people on how to build families based on Godly principles, prevention of marriage crises and family restoration.  Mission Restoring and equipping families for...
24th Mar 2022 -
12th Aug 2022
Family DTS, Rancho Abierto Mexico (2022)
YWAM Rancho Abierto, Ensenada Baja California
The bi-lingual (Spanish/English) Family Discipleship Training School (FDTS) at Rancho Abierto is not merely academic, it is a school of the heart, intended to help students know God on a personal level. The FDTS curriculum is designed...
7th Apr 2022 -
27th Aug 2022
Family DTS, Hawaii (Apr 2022)
YWAM Kona, Hawaii, Kailua-Kona Hawaii
(Exact dates to be confirmed) DTS is a full-time, residential course, consisting of 11-12 weeks of classroom training, an 8-12 week outreach, and 1-2 weeks of debrief. It’s an exciting season of discovery, as...
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