Family Hospitality at Home

Christine Hamilton has served 1,000’s of meals to guests in her house in Hawaii. She and her husband David have opened their home to many who have stayed as part of their family. Below is a transcript of a video recording of Christine speaking on …

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Parenting & Media Around the web

Below is a list of websites with useful reads & resources for parents in dealing with use of media. This website has resources and guidelines for different age groups 0-5; 6-10; 11-13; 14+ A website with some interesting reads and ideas about technology. …

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Family: The School of Character

By David Smith – Extract from his research project for the 2019 FMS in Fortaleza, Brazil As one FMI leader has noted: family is the real Discipleship Training School. Family is the most fruitful context in the world for children to develop the character of …

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