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    I am sitting next to my daughter Katia. She is in bed with a heavy stomach ache. I had planned to take the lunch time between our YWAM leadership meetings in Cartagena to write this article on how to practically bless your children, deadline coming up and all. I had figured out how much time I needed, arranged the other responsibilities and made sure I could be back on time for our afternoon session. But now this. Someone needed to take care of her. So I´m in the middle of wanting to calm down my daughter in order to be free to go to the computer (leave her alone) and write an article on blessing your kids (especially by being there for them), when the coin drops. It's mostly my wife who helps the coin drop, if you know what I mean, but today she is not with me, so it nearly didn´t drop at all. It´s easy to see it now as I write, but the truth is that when we are in the middle of things, we often forget what is really important, like our family.

  • Blessing equals growth | Articles

    To impact any nation we must first affect the seven spheres of society: Business, Government, Media, Arts, Entertainment, Family and Religion. It has been estimated that between 600BC and 1900AD only 2,700 people initiated major change to civilization out of 23 billion people. Change is always from the top down and these people are what we call influencers. The more Godly the change agent, the more Godly the culture.

  • Making a Blessing Ceremony | Articles

    When God began restoring our lives and marriage, my wife and I became seriously committed to transferring the consequences of these changed lives and breakthroughs to our kids and the generations ahead.

    Guiding them through their childhood on the way to knowing God was definitely something which built a strong foundation into their character, but as soon as they grew into teenagers, we realized that it was time for something else.

  • Building Families for Life (BFL) | Articles

    In the mid 1990’s we became more and more aware of the sad state of families in our country and our Pacific neighbours. Many families were suffering severe breakdowns because of abuse, violence, drugs and alcohol, internet porn and abortions, all affecting children and young people and leading to increased youth suicide and homelessness.

    The result was ‘Building Families for Life’

  • Right from the beginning... | Articles

    Before our first child was born I heard about a Christian program that was based on the idea that it is possible to bring God's love to the youngest babies and toddlers. This was very inspiring for me and I was fascinated by the idea, so of course I wanted to know more about this program!


April 19, 2016

Family Ministries Forum Europe

About 50 people, plus children, from 17 countries came together for fellowship, teaching and sharing. We had the forum at the YWAM Holmsted Manor base, beautiful old manor with stunning surroundings south of London.

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April 18, 2016

Family Ministries New Zealand

Family Ministries New Zealand is situated in the lush green rolling country of the Waikato, near Matamata (Hobbiton) New Zealand. It is very suitable for families to invest in their family life, study, relax, enjoy, and tour on weekends. Students and Mission Builders love the atmosphere and training.

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April 18, 2016

Family Inspiration Day in Brazil

Parents’ busy work schedules, children’s schools, friends and other activities all make spending time together one of the biggest challenges for families nowadays. Yet, quality time is so important to building a strong family. With this in mind, we recently organized a ‘Family Day’ at the Lighthouse, to motivate families to spend more time together.

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