• Holidays with God - Stepping into the unknown as a family
  • Celebrating Children Workshop
  • Equipping Families in Ministry in Ukraine
  • Asian Family Ministries Forum in Tagaytay, Philippines
  • Singles need intimacy too
  • Holidays with God - Stepping into the unknown as a family | Articles

    Sundbom family from Sweden went to Colombia on a family outreach.

  • Celebrating Children Workshop | FMI global news

    Organisers Rebecca and Thiéry Terraz, in collaboration with LOOM International (an extension office of YWAM based in Portland, USA), recently ran their first French/English 4-week Celebrating Children Workshop (CCW) at the Burtigny YWAM base in Switzerland.

  • Equipping Families in Ministry in Ukraine | FMI global news

    Churches in Ukraine show great interest in “Families in Ministry Training“. Since the book ”Families in Ministry - How to thrive, not just survive“ was published in Russian, Yura and Tanya Sokolovski, working with YWAM Family Ministries Eastern Europe, have introduced the course to churches all over the country. Many churches have invited them to come and train their staff. Recently they had the privilege to train facilitators from all over Ukraine at a weekend seminar at the Christian Training Centre for Counselors and Pastors.

  • Asian Family Ministries Forum in Tagaytay, Philippines | FMI global news

    Over 50 adults and 20 children from 18 nations gathered June 22-26 at the YWAM Family Ministries Asia Forum 2016 in Tagaytay, Philippines at the CCT Retreat and Training Center.  This was the first time the Asia Forum has taken place in the Philippines, which helped enable a large delegation of family ministries workers from the Philippines to participate.  After our first meal together Wednesday evening, we began with a wonderful celebration of Filipino culture as CCT presented songs and dances from different regions of the Philippines.

  • Singles need intimacy too | Articles

    If you are single you have probably struggled at times with feelings of loneliness. Loneliness is the painful awareness that we lack meaningful contact with others. Thus, it is possible to be lonely, even when surrounded by people because of the lack of meaningful contact.


October 17, 2016

Family Camp info Bulgaria

A new webiste (in Bulgarian) that provides information on upcoming camps and seminars has been launched. The website is also a resource for information from past camps with instruction and photos as well as a forum for thoughts on family and advice in challenging situations.

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September 04, 2016

East Africa Family Ministries Forum

Between 70 and 100 people participated in the East Africa Family Ministries Forum 2016 led by Chris & Tineke Baas, and Fred & Josephine Mukasa. Pastors and church leaders from the region joined us on a daily basis. 

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September 01, 2016

Single parenting Forum Togo

News from the single-parents forum in Togo.

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